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Sharp Consulting Group, LLC is a full-service marketing communications consultancy providing expert counsel to non-profit organizations, government agencies and socially responsible businesses. The firm offers unmatched expertise in delivering strategic marketing communications services for clients including the following services:

Creative Thinking/ Brainstorming
Strategic Planning/ Research
Marketing Communications Planning/ Project Management
Rainmaking/ Business Development
Contextual Marketing/ Branded Content Planning



Innovative ideas and big thinking separate successful organizations from the pack. Sharp Consulting is often called upon by clients to help solve complex problems, generate ideas for new products, identify new distribution channels, and create new communications strategies/ contextual marketing solutions. Large and small, private and public sector clients have called on Dave Sharp to facilitate and participate in Creative Thinking/ Brainstorming sessions. The firm has more than 25 years experience in running group ideation/ innovation sessions, brainstorming meetings and storyboard labs. And Sharp has access to a great network of “creative thinkers” and senior consultants who can provide specific business knowledge to sessions.

  • Creative Thinking/Brainstorming Services
  • Ideation/ Creative Sessions
  • Brain Storming Labs
  • Story Board Sessions

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Strategic Planning/RESEARCH

Great strategy begins with solid information, research and analysis. Over the years Sharp has helped more than 200 large and small organizations develop and implement strategic marketing and integrated communications plans. Starting with a complete situation analysis or marketing audit, Sharp can help uncover insights into an organization’s current customers and prospects, competitive environment opportunities, and lucrative new market segments. The firm can help clients establish measurable marketing communications goals, objectives and the tools for tracking results based on ROI and Cost Benefit Analysis.

  • Strategic Planning/ Research Services
  • Marketing Communication Audits
  • Marketing Research
  • Benchmarking and Tracking
  • ROI/ Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Goal/Objective Setting
  • Brand Planning
  • Issue Identification

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Marketing Communications Planning/ Project Management

Clear, precise brand positioning and messaging is the key to differentiating organizations, products and services from the competition. Sharp Consulting has more than 30 years experience in branding, advertising, direct marketing, public relations/ media relations, promotion, branded content, interactive communications, trade shows, special events, CRM and collateral support. The firm is staffed to work comfortably with Fortune 100 global marketers as well as entrepreneurial start-ups. Sharp has diverse category experience including travel/ tourism/ entertainment, financial services, business-to-business, media, consumer products and services, technology, government, and not-for-profit.

  • Integrated Marketing Communications Planning Services
  • Brand Positioning
  • Integrated Marketing Communications Planning
  • Advertising, Direct Marketing, Public Relations, Internal/ External Communications, Web, Collateral materials, POS, Promotion, Trade Shows and Special Events
  • Branded Content Planning
  • Contextual Marketing Planning
  • Project Management

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Rainmaking/Business Development

The key to an effective business development or fundraising program is building a solid data base. Sharp’s business network contacts are extensive. The firm helps socially responsible companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations make the contacts and connections they need to grow their businesses, raise funds and make new “best friends”.

In the not-for-profit world, Sharp has helped map and plan some of the regions most successful fundraising efforts over the last 25 years including Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle Art Museum, Pacific Science Center, Providence Hospice and Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center.

  • Rainmaking / Business Development Services
  • Business Development Planning
  • Fundraising Planning
  • Network Development
  • Presentations and Proposals
  • RFP/RFQ Response

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Everyone needs a trusted advisor; someone objective for brainstorming or bouncing ideas; someone that will challenge assumptions and ask the tough questions; and someone that will just listen. Dave Sharp has a unique background having spent time on the client side with two Fortune 500 companies, as well as twenty-five years managing major advertising agencies, media and consulting groups. Sharp Hartwig was listed as one of the 500 fastest growing companies by INC Magazine. Dave is available for executive coaching assignments with CEO’s, Executive Directors and Senior Management (clients of all sizes).

  • Coaching Services
  • Mentoring
  • Marketing Communcations
  • Business Development
  • Partnership Planning
  • Organization Optimization
  • Organization Development
  • Training

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Matchmaking (Strategic Partnerships and Alliances)

Partnering is one of today’s best strategies for organizations to open new markets or channels, accelerate time to market, expedite growth, lower costs, improve quality and share risk. Sharp is a Pacific Northwest Yenta (Matchmaker) that understands the “art and science” of the strategic partnering. The firm has helped forge major cross-sector partnerships and alliances over the years with a diverse client list of not-for-profit, for-profit and government organizations.

  • Matchmaking (Partnership and Alliance) Planning Services
  • Strategic Partnerships/ Alliances
  • Partner identification, planning, creation, implementation and management
  • Cross Sector Partnerships
  • Cause Marketing Partnerships
  • Sponsorships
  • Media Partnerships--Branded Content/ Entertainment Programs
  • Advertising Agency, Public Relations Agency, Design Firm Reviews

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Contextual Marketing/ Branded Content Planning

Traditionally, organizations have relied upon advertising agencies and public relations firms to help connect their products with consumers. As traditional models have become both more expensive and less effective, Sharp Consulting Group is helping clients to redefine brand integration, develop strategic branded entertainment solutions and create unique content partnerships with media distribution companies. The firm has helped clients plan, produce and implement fully integrated, contextual marketing and branded content programs across a variety platforms (television, radio, music, web, print, mobile, merchandising, publishing, licensing, events and non-traditional media).

  • Contextual Marketing /Branded Content Planning Services
  • Media Partnerships
  • Product Placement Planning (Non-gratuitous product placement across media platforms)
  • Branded Content/ Contextual Marketing Programs
  • Content Management solutions

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